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file icon TAPS game- What is the rule of this x/y table?hot!
Students play in pairs or small groups to be the first to identify the the rule of a function from an x/y table. All answers (except 1) are linear.
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file icon Four Types of Slope Noteshot!
Students will draw a picture, give examples, and write equations for each type of slope.
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file icon Linear Relationship Sudokuhot!
crossword meets sudoku... find slope, intercepts, etc. to fill in part of a 9x9 grid which then is a sudoku to solve
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file icon Linear relationships - OPEN ENDED QUESTIONShot!
I'm using the review and problems as my first group work / homework assignment in my Honors Algebra 2 class. The page itself is a bit boring, but the 9 problems are conceptually based, open-ended questions that assess the following topics: - graphical, numerical, and analytic form of linear relationships - parallel and perpendicular lines - forms of lines - geometric properties of rectangles and squares - applications of linear relationships (dist/rate/time & supply/demand) - systems of equations (introductory)
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file icon Texas Hold-Em (Linear Equations)hot!
Texas Hold-Em game to review graphing lines, writing equations of lines, parall/perpendicular slopes, and rates of change. Instructions are included. Created by Druin.
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file icon Blockbusters - Writing equationshot!
A review game for two teams for writing equations of lines. Rules included. I print out a blank copy of the game board for students to turn in for credit. Created by Druin.
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file icon Blockbusters - Graphing/Slopehot!
A fun game for two teams. I use this with my Algebra Lab students to review for tests. Rules included. Created by Druin
Hits: 13367
file icon Texas Hold Em - Slopehot!
A Texas Hold-Em Review Game for slope, plotting points, and basic equations. Created by Druin.
Hits: 8398
file icon Matching - Graphs and Slopeshot!
A cut and paste matching activity where students match points to graphs and find the slope between the points. Created by Druin.
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file icon Real Life Linear Relationship Project & Rubrichot!
Using the Internet, newspaper, magazines, or other real-life examples, students will have to find an everyday linear relationship. Using strategies such as: a table of data, graph, find a best-fit line, find an equation of the best-fit line calculated by hand and by your calculator, and a written explanation of some questions. By Katie
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